Airchains Framework: Simplifying blockchain innovation with a versatile, secure, and user-friendly toolkit for developers

Airchains Framework is a versatile and powerful tool for building your own custom blockchain parts. It works with popular blockchain types like Ethereum, Solana, and Cosmos, and lets you pick where to store your data with options like Celestia and Avail. It's super secure thanks to special zero-knowledge proofs and fits perfectly with Airchains' main chain. This framework is all about making blockchain building easy, secure, and flexible for everyone.

Our framework is designed to empower developers like you to create, innovate, and scale your blockchain solutions with ease and security. Here’s how we make it happen:

Features of Airchains Framework

Multi-Virtual Machine Support

Our Framework is designed to be a versatile tool in the world of blockchain technology, offering support for a variety of virtual machines. This makes it incredibly flexible for different blockchain projects. Here’s what we offer:

  • Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Support: Recognizing Ethereum's widespread use, our framework is fully compatible with EVM. This means if you're working with Ethereum's technology, our framework fits right in, making it easier to build and expand your projects.

  • Solana Virtual Machine (SVM) Integration: For those interested in using Solana's fast and efficient blockchain system, our framework integrates seamlessly with SVM. This allows for building powerful and scalable applications without a hitch.

  • CosmWasm Compatibility: We also support CosmWasm, known for its ability to interconnect different blockchain systems. This is perfect for creating complex applications that work across multiple blockchain networks.

Flexible Data Availability

Choose how you store your blockchain data with leading layers like Celestia and Avail. We give you the freedom to select the best fit for your project's needs.

Advanced Security

Security is paramount in the blockchain world, and our framework doesn't take it lightly. With our implementation of zero-knowledge proofs, we ensure enhanced security and efficiency for your projects.

Smooth Integration with Airchains

Experience seamless integration as your rollups settle effortlessly on Airchains' settlement chain. This integration is the cornerstone of our framework, ensuring reliability and consistency.

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