Switchyard Testnet

Airchains Testnet (Switchyard)—May 2024

Airchains Switchyard Testnet Release

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Switchyard testnet, a significant milestone in Airchains' journey towards building a scalable, privacy-preserving, and interoperable blockchain ecosystem.

Switchyard is the first public testnet of Airchains, built on our revolutionary modular architecture that empowers developers to create and deploy ZK-rollups across multiple blockchain networks. With Switchyard, we are opening the doors for developers, enthusiasts, and visionaries to experience the future of blockchain technology firsthand.

Key Features of Switchyard:

Decentralized Sequencers: Switchyard introduces a network of decentralized sequencers, ensuring efficient transaction ordering and processing. The testnet will initially operate with a set of trusted sequencers, laying the foundation for a fully decentralized network in future releases.

Advanced ZK Provers: Airchains' cutting-edge proving system generates succinct zero-knowledge proofs, guaranteeing the integrity and privacy of every transaction. Switchyard showcases the capabilities of our ZK provers, enabling developers to build privacy-preserving dApps with ease.

Robust Settlement Layer: The Airchains settlement layer forms the backbone of the Switchyard testnet, providing secure and reliable transaction finality across all connected ZK-rollups. This enables seamless interoperability and unlocks a world of possibilities for cross-chain interactions.

Multiple Execution Environments: Switchyard supports a variety of execution environments, including EVM, SVM, and CosmWasm, giving developers the flexibility to choose the best-suited environment for their dApps. This multi-environment support expands the potential use cases and attracts a diverse range of projects to the Airchains ecosystem.

Integration with Leading DA Layers: Data availability is crucial for scalability, and Switchyard seamlessly integrates with leading DA layers such as EigenDA, Celestia DA, and Avail DA. This integration ensures that dApps built on Airchains can scale without limits, leveraging the power of decentralized data storage.

Getting Started with Switchyard:

Documentation: Explore the Airchains documentation to learn more about our architecture, Switchyard testnet, and how to build on our platform. Visit our documentation to get started.

Developer Resources: Access a wide range of developer resources, including tutorials, code samples, and API references, to help you quickly build and deploy your dApps on Switchyard. Our developer portal has everything you need to get started.

Community Support: Join our vibrant community of developers, enthusiasts, and experts on Discord. Engage in discussions, seek help, and collaborate with like-minded individuals to unleash the full potential of Airchains and Switchyard.

We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey as we redefine the future of blockchain technology. Join us in building a more scalable, private, and interconnected blockchain ecosystem with Airchains and Switchyard.

Stay tuned for more updates, events, and opportunities to get involved with Airchains. Together, let's shape the future of blockchain!

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