Run a Full Node

Step 1: Clone the WASM Station Repository

Clone the WASM Station repository from the provided GitHub URL and navigate into the cloned directory.

git clone
cd wasm-station;

Step 2: Set Variables and Clean Environment

Establish environment variables for node configuration, including the node's key, blockchain ID, moniker (node's name), and keyring for cryptographic operations.


Step 3: Build the Binary

Ensure you are working with the latest codebase and generate the necessary executables for running the node.

rm -f ./build
make build

Step 4: Initialize the Node

Create the foundational setup for the node, including generating configuration files and setting up the initial blockchain state.

./build/wasmstationd init $MONIKER --chain-id $CHAINID

Step 5: Prepare Account

Generate a new cryptographic key pair that will be used for validating transactions and participating in the blockchain network.

./build/wasmstationd keys add $KEY --keyring-backend $KEYRING

Step 6: Add Account Balance to Genesis

Ensure that the account has the necessary funds to start operating on the network, facilitating transactions and other operations.

./build/wasmstationd genesis add-genesis-account $KEY 100000000stake --keyring-backend $KEYRING

Step 7: Create and Sign a Genesis Transaction (gentx)

Establish the account as a validator or active participant in the network from the very first block, enabling it to propose and validate blocks.

./build/wasmstationd genesis gentx $KEY 70000000stake --keyring-backend $KEYRING --chain-id $CHAINID
./build/wasmstationd genesis collect-gentxs

Step 8: Start Node

Activate the node, connecting it to the network to begin processing transactions and engaging in consensus activities.

./build/wasmstationd start --api.enables

Follow these steps to initialize and start the WASM Station node for your blockchain network. Ensure each step is executed correctly to ensure the proper functioning of the node.

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