Create an CosmWasm Rollup

Highly Recommended - Opt for Quicklaunch

We strongly advise utilizing the Quicklaunch option for creating a new Rollup, as opposed to manually following the detailed steps. Quicklaunch streamlines the process, ensuring simplicity and efficiency. Save time and reduce complexities by opting for Quicklaunch to set up your new Rollup seamlessly.

1. Clone GitHub Repositories

Start by cloning the necessary repositories from GitHub. Use the following commands in your terminal:

git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone

2. Configuration Setup

Create a "config" directory in the sibling directory of the previously cloned GitHub repositories and create a config.json file containing the chain's configuration details.


    ├── config/
    │   └── config.json

    ├── rollup-cosmwasm/
    ├── cosmwasm-sequencer-node/
    ├── da-client/
    ├── settlement_layer_calls_api/

Use the mkdir command to create a new directory named "config":

mkdir config

Navigate into the newly created 'config' directory:

cd config

Open a new config.json file using the nano text editor:

nano config.json

In the nano editor, input the following configuration details:

  "chainInfo": {
    "chainID": "aircosmic_5501-1107",
    "key":     "dummy",
    "moniker": "test-cosmwasm-rollup"

Replace the values as necessary to match your specific chain configuration.

After entering the configuration details, save and exit the file by pressing CTRL + X, then Y, and finally Enter.

3. Initialize a New Chain

To initiate the new chain, follow these commands:

Switch to the 'rollup-cosmwasm' directory, which you cloned earlier. Use the command:

cd rollup-cosmwasm

Run the go mod tidy command to ensure all the Go modules are updated and tidy:

go mod tidy

Finally, run the setup script provided in the 'rollup-cosmwasm' directory. This script will initialize the new chain with the configuration you've set:


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