Running a Full Node

This manual offers a detailed, step-by-step approach for establishing and operating a full node on the Airsettle, utilizing pre-assembled binaries. Designed to be user-friendly, it caters to both newcomers and seasoned node operators, ensuring an easy-to-follow procedure.

1. Clone the repository

git clone
cd junction

2. Switch to Release

git checkout v0.0.2-beta

3. Initialize the chain

ignite chain init

Add the path /Users/<your_pc_username>/go/bin to your environment variables for easy access to 'Junction'. Replace <your_pc_username> with your actual PC username.

4. Delete the Existing Configuration Folder

Remove the folder ~/.junction if it exists.

rm -rf ~/.junction

5. Initialize the Node with the Moniker

junctiond init <moniker>

6. Update Genesis Configuration

Replace the contents of ~/.junction/config/genesis.json with the contents from the resources/genesis/genesis.json file.

cp resources/genesis/genesis.json ~/.junction/config/genesis.json

7. Update Configuration

Edit ~/.junction/config/config.toml to set persistent_peers:

persistent_peers = "009075e1d1b0989ab2d0563c9e7454eb6c320772@"

8. Start the Node

junctiond start

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